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Seekonk Real Estate

Seekonk MASeekonk is a scenic town located in Bristol County. Home to a bustling population of around 14,000 people, it has a lot to offer for people of all kinds and like many towns in Massachusetts, maintains it’s small town feel. There are a variety of options in or around the town for things to do, with easy access to just about everything. Cost of living is very affordable as well, offering choices for everyone.

Seekonk is located only a few minutes outside of Providence, allowing you to enjoy quiet town living with access to a city with theaters, a large shopping center and bars for nights out. There are nature trails within the town, as well as a wildlife preserve, if you prefer being out in nature. There are also golf courses and a playground within the city, as well as a park just on the border of Pawtucket.

Seekonk School The town also boasts a wonderful school system, five public schools, as well as the vocational tech school or an agricultural school within the county, as options for high school, letting your kids follow the path they choose, rather than the path set for them.

The town itself is often lauded for it’s close proximity to so much within the area, making it a number one choice for people who want to enjoy more of a freedom of choice in environment. Nature in your yard and the city ten minutes away- who could resist?


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